***6/1/17 A farewell for now....

In keeping with who I am I'm going to be very open and honest about what has been going on with me as I'd like to leave this community with all my cards on the table. I know since I've come to Florida I haven't been the same Sweet Tee as I was in MD/DC. And I apologize for that. Since moving to Florida, things have not turned out the way I had hoped here and my life has only turned for the worse here. My mental and physical health has deteriorated. Though I've tried to return to the biz a few times, I have been unsuccessful for various reasons. Without going into detail, I will touch on some of those reasons below. My friends know I always keep it real. I would appreciate it if you would please not judge me for putting this all out there, I just feel my friends deserve an explanation since I've been MIA.

The past three years have been the toughest years of my life. After trying time and time again to keep up with life and get ahead of it all, unfortunately I failed. For those of you who have known me, you know I struggle with chronic back problems for as long as you've known me (10+ yrs) but it never affected my performance or abilities. In 2010, I had emergency surgery after a disc pinched off my spinal cord which is prompted my first move to FL but I missed MD so much I moved back. Surgery was successful for the most part but still had back issues.

My second move was prompted for my son but after leaving Maryland this time I went into a deep depression. A series of bad decisions and events were like holes in a sinking ship including; attempted to drink myself to death, my son moved out, got wrapped up in an abusive relationship (with an addict), was stalked, became suicidal and was hospitalized, dropped out of school, then in the past 3 months, broke my foot, sprained my right ankle and was forced to move twice. And ruined my biz and the reputation I worked so hard to build when I was in MD/DC. ?

Buuuuuuuuuuut, despite this I think I am finally on the upside. I broke up with and am free of the a$$hole, have done a TON of therapy, am learning to love myself again, and for the first time in a long time am starting to feel hopeful for the future. I'm taking a leave of absence from the biz indefinitely for now as I am not sure if I will return and if I do it may not be in the same context. I have some other areas of interest I am considering and I need more time to work on me before I am ready to return. I'm also returning to school in July, planning a move back to Maryland (Yay!!), practicing better self-care, among other things. ?

I'm happy to report I'm finding myself again, I can laugh again without drinking, I'm learning who I am outside of this community, my last relationship and being a Mom. I do have to admit though I MISS YOU all very much. You all treated me better than anyone else in my personal life ever had and I am most appreciative for that. You will never be forgotten. If any of my known friends would like to keep in touch feel free to email me anytime. I'd love to hear from you. You are very special to me and always will be.

I will be updating this page with what is going on with me so check back. Once again, thank you and I apologize to anyone who contacted me that I did not respond. I appreciate your interest and I wish you all the best, everyone. Take care and BE SAFE ALWAYS!!

Kisses, Sweet Tee XOXO***

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